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ECS Global GmbH strategy is to offer a wide range of IT products and online solutions for government, businesses and consumers. We continuously enhance and widen our service and product spectre in order to meet customer demands. Furthermore, we strive to deliver all our services and products, to any customer, with the highest possible customer service excellence.


Data Recovery, Data Reconstruction

Products: Data Recovery
ECS Global GmbH and its partners offer data recovery from virtually any kind of media, devices, systems and formats. We cater to anyone’s data recovery needs, from students to private consumers, from government bodies to all kinds of businesses. With a success rate of over 95%, we are your trusted partner when it comes to recovery from data loss.

We have modern laboratories with Clean rooms in Linz, Austria and Madrid, Spain, which are equipped with the latest technical equipment.

Our highly trained staff all have years of experience within data recovery, data restoration and data forensics. Well equipped for helping people and organizations to deal with data loss in a highly digitalized world. Not only to keep businesses running by recovering their vital business data, but also to save peoples most valuable and fondest digital memories.

Our technicians recover data from a multitude of devices, such as RAID arrays, servers, desktop-, laptop- and external hard drives, flash drives, SD cards and many more. Through subsidiaries and partners, we do not only have a large network of offices and drop-off points in several countries, but we also have several laboratories and clean rooms located in Europe. Thus we are able to supply our customers with quality services.



Products: Virtual Server
ECS Global offers a viable and a cost-efficient service which can positively affect a business IT budgets and resources. Virtual server environments do enable flexible and easily deployed software solutions.

Administrating, Maintaining and securing physical servers are often the largest expenditure for business. Moreover, by running critical file-, application- and database systems on virtual servers increases uptime and improve disaster recovery.

The impact of a failure in a physical server can be devastating to a business, and severely interrupt operations. A virtual business server system ensures availability and business continuity. ECS runs three geographically separate data centres in Upper Austria, with the highest possible security (safe from NSA), offering our customers the very best within virtual business systems.


Data Backup with the Highest Encryption Standard

Products: Data Backup
Seen from a strategic perspective data is the “heart” of most businesses. Contracts, transactions, records, proposals, accounting, marketing material, business contacts, emails, and even digital photos, provide a large portion of the business’ valuable assets. Thus, having invested a lot of time, money and effort into developing business data, protecting the data is essential.

We offer our customers Online backup of PC, laptop and server systems. Our back-up environment is protected with the highest encryption available, as your data will be secured with military encryption standards. Thus, our customers may rest assure and feel confident that their data stored safely. Unlike a traditional backup your data is safe even in case of fire, water, theft and many other dangers.


Online Advertising and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Products: Online Advertising and Search Engine Marketing
We offer our customers Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services to optimize the return of investment (ROI) for their marketing budgets.

In order to achieve the optimal ROI for our customers, we invest extensive resources in creating a SEO strategy that is sustainable and immune against Google updates. We do not rely on any black- or gray-hat SEO strategies, because we want our customers’ websites to remain on top of the SERP’s for the most extensive period possible.

Exactly the same principles are applied to our SEA efforts. We are always measuring and testing the campaigns to improve them in the long run. The combination of these two online marketing strategies will help you to get the most out of every traffic source.