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Our Vision

ECS Global was founded with the vision of supplying businesses with electronic communication systems. Building on this vision ECS Global shall become a leader in the IT services industry. By staying in the forefront of digital development the company shall strive to offer our customers the latest of a wide range of IT services and products. We want to achieve this through delivering high quality and affordable IT services to both the B2C and B2B customer segments.

Mission Statement

ECS Global shall be the go-to-company world wide for anyone who requires IT services such as Data Recovery, Virtual Business Server Systems, Data Backup, Online Advertising and Search Engine Marketing. This should be achieved through customer service excellence, ultimate technology and efficient procedures. The company is pursuing sustainable growth, by not only staffing our company with the most competent and passionate people in the business, but also by continuously improving our products, organization and customer satisfaction. The growth strategy of ECS Global is to expand into existing markets and to create new markets.

Company History

ECSnet was founded in 2006 focusing on the development and expansion of wireless broadband internet in the district of Freistadt, Upper-Austria, Austria. At the same time fundamental know-how in the field of data recovery was acquired in order to further expand the business within IT-services. Since 2009 ECSnet, as an Internet Service Provider operates 3 data centers after acquiring the Freistadt cable network (fiber optic network).

The next line of business, data recovery, was started in 2012 through ECS Global GmbH. In order to offer our customers the best possible data recovery services, we have invested in laboratories and clean rooms in Austria and Spain. The latter laboratory was opened in 2013. ECS Global GmbH and its partners today offer data recovery services in Austria, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and United Kingdom.


The ECS Global management team brings together a well composed group of professionals with different backgrounds, experience, and know-how. The common denominator is that they all are passionate about their field of work, thus providing ECS Global with a forceful management team. Not only in executing the company’s mission, but also for guiding the company into the future.